Getting Started with Sentinel® LDK for Mac OS X

Sentinel LDK v.7.9

This document describes how to set up and get started with Sentinel LDK components required for protecting and licensing software under the Mac OS operating system.

(Note that the Sentinel EMS must be installed on a Windows-based computer. For information on installing Sentinel EMS, see the Sentinel LDK Installation Guide.)

The following topics are discussed:

Operating Systems Supported

Refer to the Sentinel LDK Release Notes.

How to Get Started

  1. Copy the MacOS directory from the Sentinel LDK Installation Drive to your Mac computer.
    The following folders are included:

  2. Install the Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment. For more information, see the Sentinel LDK Installation Guide.

  3. If you have one or more Sentinel Vendor keys — Sentinel Master key or Sentinel Developer key (which are included in the Sentinel LDK Starter Kit) — introduce them to the system and generate the MAC API libraries as follows:

    1. Connect your Sentinel Vendor key to your computer.

    2. In the VendorTools/VendorSuite folder, double-click MasterWizard. The Master Wizard launches, and the application detects the new key.

    3. In the Specify API Settings window of the wizard, select the libraries for which you want to generate APIs. The generated APIs are located in the user home directory, under:~/Gemalto/Sentinel LDK 7.9/API/Runtime/C

    4. Follow the remaining instructions in the wizard to introduce the key into Sentinel LDK and extract your Vendor Code. By default, your Vendor Code is stored in the user home directory, under: ~/Gemalto/Sentinel LDK 7.9/VendorCodes


The following limitations apply for programs that are protected using Sentinel LDK Envelope:

Protecting Your Software

Perform the following processes to apply Sentinel LDK protection to your software product:

  1. Integrate the generated API library and the Vendor Code file into your source code. For more information, refer to the chapter Protecting Software, in the Sentinel LDK Software Protection and Licensing Guide.

  2. Use the Sentinel LDK Envelope to wrap your MAC executables and dynamic shared libraries with a secure shield. This application offers advanced protection features to enhance the overall level of security of your software. For information on using the Sentinel LDK Envelope, see the Envelope help system and refer to the chapter Sentinel LDK Envelope Protection, in the Sentinel LDK Software Protection and Licensing Guide.


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