Generating a V2C File to Manually Activate a Product

You can generate a file that, when applied, enables a Customer to manually activate a Product. Before you can generate a manual Product activation file, you must receive the Product Key, and a C2V file for the Customer's Sentinel protection key.

The output of the manual activation file generation process is a V2C file that can be sent to the Customer. Following application of the V2C file, you can request that the Customer creates and returns a C2V file to you to confirm that the Product has been activated.

To generate a manual Product activation file:

If the original C2V file, which was submitted by the Customer together with the Product Key, indicates that the Product is installed on a cloned machine, you will not be able to generate an activation V2C file. For information on clearing a Sentinel SL key on which cloning has been detected, see Enabling Licenses that have been Disabled due to Clone Detection.
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